Q0. What's the best way to start using and obtain more info about MATITK?

A0. We recommend you start by following the
User Guide and refer to the Insight Journal and SPIE Medical Imaging publications. If your questions are still unanswered, submit your question to the MATITK Mailing List ( matitk-list at sfu dot ca ) or use the forum. Note that you can search the mailing list archive. You can join the MATITK mailing list by sending an email to maillist at sfu dot ca with the subject set to: subscribe matitk-list . You can also subscribe to MATITK RSS feed.

Q1. When I type matitk in MATLAB, I am receiving "??? Invalid MEX-file 'matitk.dll': The specified module could not be found."

A1. It has come to our attention that the original distribution (v.2.4.01 Dec 28 2005) has a redudant dependency on a Windows DLL that not every Windows machine has. We have now removed the dependency. Also, we repackage the distribution and it now includes the Windows DLLs that matitk.dll depends on. If you are receiving this error, please re-download the latest binary distribution.

Q2. Do I need to install ITK first? What does it mean when you say MATITK is based on ITK 2.4?

A2. No, you do not need to have or install ITK, Visual Studio or any developer tools to use MATITK - all you need is MATLAB. MATITK is based on ITK 2.4 means that the algorithms that are made available through MATITK are derived from ITK version 2.4. In other words, with MATITK, you get to access many of the algorithms available in ITK 2.4.

Q3. Can MATITK perform image warping?
A3. MATITK supports 3D image warping using thin plate spline (not 2D). Given a 3d image volume and a list of original and target locations of a set of 3d control points, the volume can be warped in a smoopth fashion according to TPS by using MATITK's rtps.

Q4. Which platforms are supported?
A4. MATITK was originally created to support windows users. We have recently released a linux port (see download below).

Q5. What are the steps necessary to build MATITK on a different platform?
A5. We do not currently have binaries for every platform that MATLAB supports.  However, you are welcome to build MATITK using the source code.  As a pre-requisite for compilation, you must have MATLAB installed and ITK compiled on that platform.  To obtain the source code, please have a look at our Insight Journal publications, or contact us for the most up-to-date version.  The source files should include a CMakeLists.txt file which you can use with CMake to build MATITK relatively easily.  We would be pleased to post and acknowledge the binary you build, and share it with other researchers.

Q6. How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to the MATITK mailing list?
A6. You can subscribe to the mailing list by sending email to
matitk-list-request@sfu.ca with the subject "subscribe" (sans quote). You will be sent a confirmation email. To complete the process, click Reply in your
email client and send the reply. Do not edit the subject line. You will get an email to let you know if the operation was successful.

Similarly, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list by sending email to matitk-list-request@sfu.ca with the subject "unsubscribe" (sans quote). The remaining procedure is analogous to the subscribe case.

Q7. MATITK seems to have a memory leak problem. I have to restart MATLAB after calling MATITK function a few times.
A7. The latest release of the MATITK binaries should not have this problem. If you encounter this problem with the latest binaries, please contact us.

The most widely available source code version of MATITK however has this problem. It can be addressed by making the following changes.